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Disgust Of Shadows
- Hail Shadow! Could you tell me something about the beginning of Black Altar and why you wanted to start this band?
Hail!The band was brought into existence on Walpurgisnacht 1996 as a one-man project. A year later,with the assistance of session musicians, I recorded Black Altar's debut demo 'Na Uroczysku...' which was released by my label called Odium Rec. In the year 2000, together with a full line-up, 'Wrath ov the Gods' limited to 666 copies numbered with corpse blood, was recorded. In 2002 it was released as a split EP with Vesania horde. A year later 'Wrath ov the Gods' is released on 7"ep limited to 500 copies numbered with a dead man's blood. In 2003 a debut album 'Black Altar' was recorded. This album is considered to be a milestone in the development of Black Altar horde. I’ve founded Black Altar to spread the Black Metal Holocoust throughout the world.
- What's the ideology behind Black Altar? There's a high standard if one wants to be in Black Altar, so I've read. Could you tell me something about that?
As one may guess, the destructive ideology is a crucial element of Black Altar. I believe, it should be a priority of every black metal band. Black Altar is like a storm cloud spreading death and destruction to the surrounding world. As far as my expectations towards musicians are concerned, the future Black Altar member should believe in black metal with all his/her heart, should be ambitious and hard-working, and should be a very good musician. Unfortunately, most of the candidates lack some of the features I mentioned. This is the reason why I had to get rid of Lord von Skaven and Antichrist, thus, now, Black Altar exists as a solo project..
- The album "Black Altar" has been released for a while now. What are the reactions so far?
Well, the reactions are very enthusiastic. There are opinions that this was one of the best black metal albums of the year 2004. I’ve received lots of letters from all over the world, from very exotic places, I was surprised as I haven’t thoght a metal scene could exist there. It was a very good debut.
- I heard Black Altar for the first time with the self titled cd from Christhunt and was amazed by its power and technicality. What are your influences musically?
I’m glad you like our record. My main inspiration is the extreme black metal scene of the early 1990s. Other musicians are inspired by technical stuff like Satyricon or Thorns.
- Could you tell something about your own label, Odium Rex? What's the story behind that?
I’ve set up Odium Rex in 1998 so as to release „Na uroczysku..” demo but for the idea of my own label I was thinking for a long time. Long before funding Black Altar I wanted to run my Label but lack of money couldn’t allow my dream to come true. By this time Odium Rex has only been releasing merchandise connected solely with Black Altar. Recently, I’ve saved some money and I want to release some very good stuff at once. I want that Odium Rex would become a very resilient label that would release a few very good albums a year. Everything would be promoted in magazines and the like. I want Odium Rex to be an elite label with, maybe in future, a cult status...time will tell.
- Christhunt Productions has a strong ideology of it's own with bands you don't find on any other label, in my opinion. Do you feel at place with them? Or is it simply a tool to broaden the reach of your releases?
Christhunt is a label that seeks bands with proper musical and ideological attitude. I identify myself with the label’s profile, as it’s not only the tool to release my records. It’s a true black metal label that doesn’t release records in order to make money, which is uncommon these days.
- What are the plans for the nearby future for Black Altar. Is there new material coming or touring perhaps?
After recording the „Kriegsgott” EP I’m going to start recording Black Altar’s „Death Fanaticism” Ep as a half of the materia lis already composed. Next I will record two song for a 7’’split with good foreign hordes. Thornspawn from the USA has been confirmed and Shining from Sweden. In the meantime I will look for a new line up so as to begin the concert life of my horde.
- Poland has brought forth a lot of high potential bands the past years. What's your view of the Polish scene lately? Is it something you watch closely or don't care about?
It’s true that Poland’s underground is strong. Maniac of every kind of metal would find a band that suits his needs. My personal favorites are Thunderbolt, Besatt and Infernal War. There are some well-earned bands and lots of young ones, which can be successful if only they have guts to do it. Unfortunately, there are many divisions among us, because the Poles are a very quarrelsome nation.
- Any last words for your fans in Holland?
I send greetings to all Black Metal Warriors in Holland!!! Prepare for a war on many, different grounds. The hour of our struggle will strike soon!! Let’s sacrifice the hearts of our enemies upon the Black Altar!! HAIL!
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