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Necro Vampirism
1.Hail Shadow! I’d like to begin the interview with a typical but necessary question. Introduce us in the dark world of your band: Black Altar, its works, line-up changes… And why did you decide to create a Black Metal Band.
Hail! Black Altar was founded In 1996 during Walpurgiasnacht as a one-man Project. In 1997 I recorded, with a little help from session musicians, my first demo “Na uroczysku...” which was released a year later by my Odium Rex. In 2000, with a solid line-up, I’ve recorded “Wrath ov the Gods” EP, which was released in 2002 as a limited to 666 copies edition cd-split with Vesania ( whose members play in Vader and Behemoth ), numbered with human blood with. In 2003 this material was released as a 7’’ EP limited to 500 copies this time numbered with corpse blood. That year my debut album “Black Altar” was recorded and released by German Christhunt Prod in 2004 and, as You know, it crushes everything that was released earlier by Black Altar. On the cd you can watch an exclusive video. After the recording session I’ve sacked the rest of the line-up and from that day Black Altar exists as a solo project. I created Black Altar to spread anthems of Darkness and Death. It’s my tool against Christianity and other religions.
2.At this moment you’re the only member, why? What was the reason that forced you to throw out the other members of Black Altar, and what is the future of the band? Could Black Altar be a one-man band for ever?
As I’ve mentioned earlier. Both members had to leave because their commitment was practically none. The guitarist, for example, couldn’t organize a rehearsal for almost a year despite the fact that the rehearsal room was at his house. It’s a pointless to waste time and nerves because of such people. That’s why I decided to take everything in my hands. During the new recording session I’m going to get help from friends from two well-known bands. Additionally, I’m looking for a line-up with whom I could give concerts
3.Tell us about your label Odium records. Why have you decided to create a label and why your album “Black Altar” was released by “Christhunt Prod”?
Long before founding Black Altar I wanted to run my own label and the perfect moment to do so was when I recorded „ Na uroczysku...” demo-tape. Till now I’ve only released stuff related with BA, but this year I plan to release 2-3 very good records. As far as Christhunt Prod is concerned I received an offer I couldn’t reject. Christhunt has a very good position in the German underground. Additionally, Odium Rex supports every promotional activity undertaken by Christhunt Prod.
4.I know that you have one videoclip. Tell us about the recording of this clip and your expierience during the process of making.
I’m proud of the videoclip as I think it differs from most of the Polish videoclips. The clip was made by a professional who specializes in digital graphics. He wanted to do it and with my help he managed to bring my dark visions into reality. It’s a piece of perverted and satanic art so, no one should be disappointed. The process of creation was very interesting but tiring.
5.Black Altar is a satanic band, but what is the Satanism for you in your daily life?
Personally, I believe in an entity called Satan but I’m not a devil worshipper. He is a symbol of rebellion against christianity with its dogmas and morality. He’s an essential, destructive factor, which brings balance into the universe. He existed thousands of years before christianity and had hundreds of names, but he still seems to be same destructive force.
6.Do you like horror movies? Which are your favourite movies and directors? Do you know any Horror directors in Poland?
Yes, I like horror movies, however, I do not fancy the brainless gore movies as I prefer the occult ones. I will not list my favourite as there are too many of them. Some horror movies about werewolves have been made in Poland, but they aren’t worth noticing. Well, Roman Polanski made a couple of great horrors among which I like “Ninth Gate”
7.And now about literature? What kind of books do you like? Do you like Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith? (Cosmic Horror Rules!!!).
I love reading, but it’s a luxury I cannot afford due to lack of time. I used to be a great fan of horrors by Graham Masterton, Herbert, Lovecraft and Howard. Nowadays, I prefer to read occult books, biographies and music magazines, etc.
8.The year 2004 was a tragic year because of the death of one of the best musicians… Quorthon, the very best soul in the underground.
How do you reacted to this tragic news? Have you thought of making a tribute to Bathory and Quorton? I know that you have one cover: “The return” in your split album with Vesania: “Wrath ov the gods”…
His passing away was a great loss. At first I couldn’t believe it was true. But to tell you the truth, from some time I didn’t respect that man because of the things he said about his early works in order to destroy the cult aura. Nonetheless, I like his first records as they are, in my opinion, the first strictly black metal albums in the history of the genre. Black Altar’s version of “the Return” was added to the tribute to Bathory made by swedish Total Holocaust rec. But due to the fact that Black Mark doesn’t approve of it, the tribute will not be released.

9.Back to the music… I think that “Black Altar” album is the best of all your stuff. The cover is great!!! Who’s the painter? I think that this cover is the perfect concept for the name of your band. Do you agree?
I agree. I think that the cover perfectly matches the title and the content of the cd. Klaudiusz Witczak is the person behind the cover. He contacted me and the result of our co-operation is visible on the front cover and additional graphics inside the booklet. He has a very characteristic style which can be viewed on the new Tsjuder record. It’s a pity that some people do not understand my concept and accuse my cover of being primitive. Yes, I could order a beautiful and colorful digital picture which, eventually, wouldn’t fit my concept.
10.Misanthropy is an important part of Black metale soul. Do you consider yourself as a Misanthrop? Do you like the contact with the ordinary people? What do you think when you see those stupid fucking Metal bastards that only get drunk and take drugs? I hate them!!!
Especially when during Black metal concerts they dance like fucking Punks. This kind of dance destroys the true essence of Black Metal spirit, because this doomed music is only for the Elite, and the only way to dance is Headbanging with spikes in your hands. Do you agree?
I do not consider myself as an misanthrop, although I’ve always felt comfortable on my own. As far as the rest of your question is concerned I totally agree with you, brother! Everytime I see a black metaler who is drunk or doped and is dancing into the rhythm of nigger music I force myself not to take gasoline and not to set them on fire!!
11.I’m a total maniac of Vinyls. What do you think about vinyls and handnumbered limited copies? Are you a Vinyl hunter?
I’m a maniac of vinyls too! Recently, I’ve been buying lots of expensive stuff on ebay. It’s hard not to buy a very rare black metal vinyl. I hope you understand me. I love every limited edition which, in time, may become quite expensive. It’s a good way to locate your money as collecting rare vinyls is like collecting paintings, etc. Cd worshippers wouldn’t understand thin vinyl feeling.
12.Poland is a country with a lot of really good bands likes: GRAVELAND, GONTYNA KRY, INFERNUM, HELLVETO, MASTIPHAL, WOJNAR, BEHEMOTH, VELES and many others… Which are your favourite? Do you know anything about the Spanish scene?
It’s true that Poland’s underground is strong. Maniac of every kind of metal would find a band that suits his needs. My personal favorites are Thunderbolt, Besatt and Infernal War. There are some well-earned bands and lots of young ones, which can be successful if only they have guts to do it. Frankly, I do not know anything about the Spanish scene apart from bands Uruk-Hai and Nazgul, with whom I trade tapes in 1998, but I didn’t receive anything from them.
13.Here in Spain, in my city Madrid, we have the only monument dedicated to Lucifer. It is a Statue build by Ricardo Bellver in 1874 under the mandate of the Duke: Fernán Nuńez. This monument represent the fall of Luzbell. Do you know this masterpiece?
I’m sorry, but I have no knowledge of this monument. Nonetheless it seems to be a very interesting piece of art.
14.For you… What is the true meaning of Black Metal music? Do you think that the corpse-paint, swords, skulls, etc are important. What do you prefer: Black Metal with Medieval costumes likes swords, axes… or Black Metal with necromantical costumes: with skulls, Tombs, Cemeteries, pentagrams, inverted cross… Do you like the Medieval age?
For Black Altar, corpse paint, skulls and other such items are a crucial element which united the music and lyrics. Nowadays, Black Altar incorporates both styles of black art, however in the future I want to resign from swords and other similar weapons as during every photo session Black Altar had such stuff. Nonetheless, the photos will remain extreme and filled with evil.
15.Do you believe in live after death? Or do you think that when we die, our bodies rest in putrid coffins for ever?
I believe in life after death. I recon, that there are many examples of such state, making it impossible to reject it. I don’t know if it’s like christianity teaches, we will find it out after we die.
16.Apart from Black Metal… Do you like Heavy metal or other music? Do you go to summer festivals like Wacken Open Air or others?
I begun my music journey from heavy/ thrash metal and I still like some of the old bands. I like classical music, movie soundtracks and dark ambient/ industrial. Quite often I travel to festivals, but the ones like Wacken are too big and too commercial to my liking. There are to many bands I don’t like and not enough of the ones I like.
17.Is a Black Altar tour possible in future? Would you like to play a gig in Spain? Have you been to my country, Spain?
I hope Black Altar would give a tour some day. I’d be grateful to play a gig in Spain as I’ve never been there before.
18.Future plans?
At first, I want to record the debut EP of my solo project Kriegsgott. Than, the new Black Altar Ep and a new 7’’ with other very good horde. Yesterday, I received an email confirming that the band on the 7’’ would be Thornspawn from the USA.
19.Ok, Shadow!It’s the end of the interview! The last lines are for you…
Thanx for the interest in Black Altar. I send greetings to all Black Metal Warriors in Spain!!! Let’s Sucrifice the Hearts of Our enemies Upon the Black Altar. Hail!
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