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BLACK ALTAR / KIRKEBRANN “Deus Inversus” split out now!  01.07.2020

The Split was unleashed by Odium Records on digi pack cd and Lp (250 black vinyl and 50 as die hard copies - marble orange black with patch and sticker).


You can order it at:


Here is a videoclip to the song “Deus Inversus”:


and the full split:


Odium Records proudly announces the split of BLACK ALTAR with KIRKEBRANN titled “Deus Inversus”.

There will be 7 compositions on the album and it’s going to be released on vinyl and digipack CD in June. Lars Broddesson (Funeral Mist, ex Marduk), Mauser (ex Vader) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen) are among the musicians who took part in the recording session of the Black Altar's material.

Mauser was responsible for Black Altar's production, Kirkebrann belonged to Morfeus (ex Limbonic Art.). Here you have a prelude to the part played by Lars:


Cover art by Nestor Avalos.


First time in 24 years of the band’s activity, Black Altar is going to start playing live!

First gig ever will take place at Subterranean Manifestatiion II Festival in London, 31.10.2020!
 Black Altar has an honour to play there as co-headliner together with well known and very respected occult band, which played live only once in their history. It’ll be very special event and tickets are strictly limited!

Second gig is going to be at Darkness Guides Us Fest 20-22 of November in Glasgow.
So far there will be bands like Taake, Gehenna, Kampfar, Misthyrming, Asagraum, Blaze of Perdition or Kalmankantaja, more big names to come.


Albums of BLACK ALTAR "Black Altar" and GRAVELAND "1050 years of Pagan Cult" out now via Odium Records!


Here is a Flag of Black Altar which will be added to Wooden Box version of "Black Altar" album.


Tape version of BLACK ALTAR's "Suicidal Salvation"/"Emissaries of the Darkened Call" released by Legions ov Darkness (UK) out Now!


BLACK ALTAR "Black Metal Terror" Athletic t-shirt. Strictly limited to 20 copies. You can order at:


Black Altar "Suicidal Salvation"/"Emissaries of the Darkened Call" wooden box with cdr, posters, patch, button and sticker available now 


Black Altar's re-edition of "Suicidal Salvation" with 4 bonus songs from the split with Varathron and Thornspawn out now!


New T-shirts of Black Altar from the upcoming re release of "Suicidal Salvation" / "Emissaries of the Darkened Call"

BLACK ALTAR / BEASTCRAFT - split. Video news and pre-order!
ODIUM-AD-FULL2 (1).jpg

Beastcraft / Black Altar split prepared for XXI Anniversary of Black Altar is postponed until November due to creating a videoclip for Black Altar's "Tophet" song. The scenes for the video were filmed in England, Sweden, Norway, Poland and USA.

Some special guests took part in the recording of Black Altar's "Tophet" song: James Stewart from VADER, V. Priest from ACHERONTAS, Acerbus from ONDSKAPT, Soroth Northgrove from BEASTCRAFT and Nihil from FURIA.

The split contains XII Hymns of total Darkness, Deathcraft and Nekromancy! It will be issued by ODIUM REC as a 8 panels digipack cd with 16 pages booklet, gatefold heavy black LP and limited to 50 copies wooden box with cd, red Lp, 2 t-shirts, patch, pin, posters and loads of rarities concerning Black Altar.

You can make a pre-order at:

Here is a videoclip "Tophet" taken from the split with Beastcraft:

Pre Order of Wooden Box, digipack, Lp, T-shirts and Zipper Hood for XXI Anniversary of Black Altar and Beastcraft

You can pre order clothes at:

Black Metal: Into The Abyss

Black Altar has been honoured to be a part of the book "Black Metal - Into the Abyss" written by Dayal Patterson. You will find there 10 pages interview with Shadow.

Dayal - ksiazka.jpg

We proudly announce that Odium Records is going to release in January 2013 very long awaited split: Black Altar / Varathron / Thornspawn!


There are 11 tracks specially composed for this split. Cover art and lay out by Juano Castelano.

Odium Records will release jewel case cd version and under license of Odium Rec Floga Records (Gre) released de luxe vinyl version with glossy laminated heavy gatefold cover, limited to 350 black copies and 150 clear copies. More over Floga Rec is going to release very soon limited to 100 copies t-shirt with all 3 bands. Also digi book A5 version will be released about February via Black Saw Prod (Mex) and BlackDeath Coven (USA) and tape version, limited to 140 copies in cardboard box via RawBlackKult Prod from Bolivia!

zdjecie winyli - split_s.jpg

"You can listen to the song of Black Altar "Nighthunter" at:

Tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas

Black Altar is a part of an international tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas with tracks of Urgehal, Beastcraft and Angst Skvadron. It was released 13th of December 2012 through Imago Mortis Production. Black Altar covered a song of Beastcraft "Pentagram Sacrifice.

You can listen to it at:


Black Altar "Suicidal Salvation"

Mini album of Black Altar "Suicidal Salvation" is going to be released in the first part of 2013 through German kult Darker than Black Records as digi pack and vinyl version. There are 5 tracks which were composed for a split with Shining (swe) . This split won't be released due to law problems. There are probably the best tracks in Black Altar's history! Great cover art made by Babalon Graphics.

You can listen to song "The Sentence" at:


Black Altar on Facebook

Black Altar has got facebook profil now. Check at:



Seven New Reviews and 5 Interviews were added.

New t-shirts of Black Altar!

Odium Records released t-shirts with new 3 designs (Girlie version as well). High quality, Fruit of the Loom, 220g, 2 sides with a print on the sleeve.

Deal with Necronos Promotion and Forces of Satan

Black Altar proudly announce that start a co-operation with mighty Nekronos Promotion and Forces of Satan Mp3 download store.

Black Altar „Death Fanaticism” on digi book A5 out now!

7 Gates Records with cooperation with Odium Rex just released 2nd album of Black Altar - „Death Fanaticism” as a Digi book A5 version. Album is limited to 500 copies, first 100 comes with a t-shirt


Polska-39,99 PLN

Europe-14.00 EUR

World-16 USD

Cooperation with Mayones Guitar

Shadow has started to cooperate with Mayones Guitar, the best Manufacture from Poland, which made for him 5 strings Be-5 Gothic signed by his name.

Split with Shining and Varathron/Thornspawn

Black Altar it's going to record 7 brand new tracks for a split with Shining and Varathron/Thornspawn.


Four new interviews and six reviews of the new album were added.

Black Plague Records (USA) unleashed new t-shirt of Black Altar
„Death Fanaticism” Release

After release second full length album of Black Altar called „Death Fanaticism” trough Odium Rex this album will be unleashed trough Black Plague Rec (USA) in USA and Canada Territory and Night Birds Records (Ukraine) as cassete version. More over 7 Gates of Hell Prod (Poland) will release very soon A5 digi book version limited to 400 copies and metal box limited to 100 copies.


Finally new, full length album of Black Altar called "Death Fanaticism" is scheduled to release in January 2008, under the wings of Odium Rex! Album contains IX possessed hymns devoted to Death. New songs from forthcoming Black Altar's album are already available on this site and on myspace! Check new photos as well. More info soon.


Split CD of Black Altar and Norwegian Nebular Mystic has been released by WarKult from South America. Black Altar presents fully remastered tracks from "Wrath ov the Gods" and four bonus hymns in previously unreleased versions with Mayhem's "Freezing Moon" amongst others. Holocaust Horror Black Metal in its purest form!


The official Black Altar web-site is back on-line as of now. Due to various troubles with the previous site we lost some of valuable materials placed therein. So if there is something concerning Black Altar that you have and think it might be a worthy contribution to the site, send it to this adress - shadow666[at]interia[dot]pl. Furthermore, most of the site features are still under constructions, so be patient.

Upcoming mini-album "Death Fanaticism"

On 16th of July Shadow will enter Studio X with session line-up to record new tracks for the upcoming mini-album entitled "Death Fanaticism". More information will follow soon.

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