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Chronicle For Chaos (in English)
First of all thanks for giving me this opportunity to interview you, its very much appreciated.
Hail! Your welcome.
For the sake of those who don't know you, please introduce yourself and your role in Black Altar
My name it's Shadow. I'm the leader, founder and the only member of Black Altar. I'm bass player, vocalist and composer
As I understand, you're the only member of Black Altar at the moment. Is this for a specific reason? Are you looking for new band members that'll fit the musical and religious ideology of the band?
At the very beginning Black Altar was solo project, I have invited into it some session musicians, just to record my first demo. After three years of searching I had a chance to find very good musicians, Black Metal fanatics and with them I have recorded ep „Warth ov the Gods” and also first lp „Black Altar”. Unfortunately I have realized that those guys are lazy, and not enough ambitious so I had to kick them out. Since then Black Altar is again my solo project. Maybe in future someone will join me for goods but I really doubt it. This situation is good for me.
On your previous album Death Fanaticism there's a definite return to old school black metal roots with noticeable passes to Mayhem, Bathory and Enthroned. Do you take inspiration directly from these sources or for you, its it a natural return to old school black metal?
To be honest, I don't think that „Death Fanaticism” is a return to old school. In my opinion this album is a full of new technical ideas and power riffs, those things can be connected with Satyricon, Thorns. I can say that my parts in this album are bit simpler and more old school than parts made by guitarist who was also a co writer of this album.
Has your relatively recent move to British shores brought any new musical/lyrical directions?
No, my stay in England didn't affect on music or Black Altar texts. I lived in London 1.5 year and over a year ago I came back permanently to Poland
Leading on from that, why did you choose to move to London, was it a transition you, bearing in thought might take help promote Black Altar more, bearing in mind the underground black metal scene in Eastern Europe is thriving?
I moved to England because I get much interesting proposal of the work and the contract with the newly established promotional Hell Promotion agency having the close relationship with Earache Rec supposedly. Unfortunately it turned out to be some fiction. From the other side I was fed up with reality surrounding me in Poland and I wanted to change surroundings. Therefore I decided to stay in England for a long time, perhaps forever. The stay there somehow helped me Black Altar on special offer. Thanks to that advertisements were published in magazines „Zero Tolerance”, „Terrorizer”, also work at their variety act, and I also extended a bit of ranges for myself.
Now that black metal has undoubtedly reached it's third wave and continues to push into new and unexplored territories do you feel that old school black metal is buried in time, or, do you think its time for a revival?
Old school Metal in its original form will be always existed in the underground. Another thing is that his format is already terribly exhausted and it brings nothing new. However fans of such playing will always exist. There are bands which are experimenting, from the other side of course and they want to carry a breath of fresh air and originalities into their music. I think that Black Altar is combining these both forms in the musical meaning. However as regards the ideology, or the image he is a team like the most old school and for faithful primitive Black ideals of Metal.
Lastly, is there anything you wish to add?
Thank you very much for your interview and help. Let's sacrifice the hearts of our enemies upon the Black Altar!
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