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Emperor Mag
- Hail Shadow!! Tell us who is answering the questions and what kind of mood and idea do you have now ?
Hail! I'm Shadow, the founder and the only member of Black Altar horde. At the moment I’m in a very good mood as one of the local radio stations is broadcasting one of my songs.
-How's life in Poland nowadays?
Well, I live on a quite good level. The best thing is that I make my living from my music. Basically, I do what I love and it’s a very comfortable situation. Generally speaking, people in Poland, the youth in particular, live a hard life as we have a high level of unemployment
- So I heard that you kick all the band's member and that left you all alone in the BLACK ALTAR. How can you manage the band now and what happened to others?
That’s right. As I have mentioned earlier I am the only Black Altar member. The reason I had to sak the rest of the band was their lack of commitment and awful lack of any ambitions at all. I couldn’t tolerate this and that’s why we had to part. From what I know they play in a band but they need someone to help them with promotion and stuff.
-Any plan to find some members and if you do so..what kind of character do you want to find ?
The newest mini CD “Death Fanaticism” is going to be recorded with a little help from session musicians from two best Polish bands. Next I’m going to look for a solid line-up with whom I’m going to give concerts. I am a very demanding man as far as musicians are concerned. Thus, they have to play their instruments very well and be totally devoted to Black Metal ideas. They have to feel the music and live by its ideas. It’s aware that it’s difficult to find such people but I hope I will find them.
-What about some female member? Do you consider them in the band or do you some thought about them ?
Till now there was no woman have eter sang or played in Black Altar. I can make only exception. She is a friend of mine and a very good black metal drummer, too. Additionally, she is devoted to the extreme ideology.
-The first stroke into their rotten system of values was a demo entitled "Na Uroczysku..." which gained a special recognition among several groups of listeners. Do you still have the stuff and did you and the previous members really thought the stuff was good in terms of music and lyrics ?
Well, there are advantages and disadvantages of demo "Na Uroczysku...?. It was the first material by Black Altar and was written solely by me. Session musicians had to learn it during the recording session. I was an amateur musician who has just started to create his style, thus the final effect is not so ideal. Nonetheless, ”Na Uroczysku...” is true, devilish and emanates with a really sick atmosphere.
- The first issue of 500 copies was sold out rapidly, making the name of Black Altar very popular in Poland and in other countries as well. Did you mean other countries like in ASIA ? By the way any contact did you made in our world especially my country ?
Yeah, I received a lot of letters from Asia and countries like Singapore or Thailand. Never before have I had a contact with anyone from your country. As far as band I think Impiety is quite good, but now they reside id Mexico
-There were many musicians involved, however none of them stayed long because they could not meet Shadow's high musical and ideological requirements. Easy come easy go eh.. so what really do you want in each of the band's member CV and commitment ?
As I have mentioned earlier. The most important element is the commitment in creating music and following the ideological path. I know I am a very demanding person but from my experience I know that working with lazy people doesn’t give results.
- In December 2000 a new, long-awaited EP entitled "Wrath ov the Gods" was recorded. Although all the compositions included were rather old, this record presented a new and more full-fledged face of the band. The EP was released in 2002.Why two fucking years to release it and I heard it's limited to 666 copies. Why is that and as always can we achieve that Ep.
Well,unfortunatelly I had to wait for 2 years to release this split due to financial difficulties. The spilt with Vesania is limited to 666 copies and is marked with human blood. I wanted it to become a precious rarity. Now, it’s totally sold out. In 2003 “Wrath ov the Gods” was released as a 7” EP limited to 500 copies this time numbered with a dead man’s blood. This year it’s going to be released by South American WarKult Prod as a split with three bonus tracks with Norwegian Nebular Mystic.
-Tell us more about the band that you admire VESANIA? Where can you find them and do you believe they go better each years?
I met Vesania a few years ago and made friends with the band’s leader. They had two songs and no time to make anything with them. I suggested to release it with Black Altar as a split. Vesania plays black metal in Emperor’s style. They are very talented musicians as the leader plays the bass guitar in Behemoth, while Vesania’s drummer plays the drums in Vader.
-In September 2003 at Selani Studio Black Altar recorded their debut album entitled "Black Altar". Finally the band's long awaited album has unleashed!!.. How do you feel about the album.. What can we expect about this album? What were the lyrics most about?
The debut CD “Black Altar” is a mile stone in band’s history as it simply crushes earlier releases by Black Altar. It’s because a lot to say had all, very talented, musicians making this record more complicated and unpredictable, giving a totally new dimension. A professional video is included on the CD. My lyrics concern dark rituals, various occult subjects while texts written by other members are more philosophical based on Nietzsche’s ideology. Everything is served in a very antichristian “souce”. On the whole, the record is very extreme starting from the music itself, through video, graphics and lyrics. I am very proud of it.
-So what are the band's hope or great future? And please state us your latest merchandise, if you have it.
Well, I hope that Black Altar’s ideology will be passed on an will infect minds of Black Metal fans on this planet. I hope that after years of hard work my band will be appreciated and respected for the uncompromised path I have undertaken. As far as merchandise is concerned I have new longsleeves and t-shirts made. “Wrath ov the Gods” 7” EP, “Black Altar” CD, LP, MC and longsleeves and t-shirts made by German Christhunt Prod are available.
- Why do you hate Christians so much? I mean I'm not against you but I just want to know about your opinion about it ?
Christians are brainless sheep that aren’t able to think by themselves as they are limited by hundreds of stupid orders. Poland’s probably the most Catholic country on this planet! Metal fans do not have an easy life here as concerts are cancelled, etc.. If you’re not a Catholic you are treated as a freak. I have no reason to like this Jewish religion.
-So you hate them and you wrote some lyrics about those Christian pigs in your every records ?
As you know Black Altar’s lyrics are purely antichristian. Some of them are direct some are philosophical, but the sense is basically the same.
- So what Satanism really mean to you? Did you ever encounter "them" before ? You really love Satan then or do you have something to say?
Satanizm is a lifestyle and a philosophy similarly to Black Metal. I’m not a devil worshipper but I perceive the Devil in a more symbolic way. On the other hand, I believe in an entity called Satan who exists in an astral world as a demonic power existing from the beginning of time, and which have been given hundreds of names throughout centuries. Satan brings balance to the universe as good cannot exist without evil and vice-versa.
- Each souls around the globe have their own believe, do you agree ? Some of them believe in forces of good and evil , positive and negative , the sun ,the moon , blood..etc so where do you stand and give some reason about it ?
Every conscious entity believes in something. I gave the answer earlier. Simply, one can say that I believe in forces of good and evil and their permanent struggle. I believe in my abilities and personal potential. I know I can achieve almost everything I have planned if only I work hard.
- Have you ever heard Black Metal band from our regions ?
From what I remember only impiety and Sigh cross my mind.
-The best underground mag/zine that you've ever seen!!..The best album you've ever heard and the best porno movie ever!!
I’ve read a lot of good zines but the best is Slayer. The best also were Holocaust and Agonia. It’s fucking difficult to choose the best Black Metal album nonetheless I would say that Mayhem “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” is the best. As far as porno movies “Rocco invades Poland”.
-If you've been given three fucking wishes by the Lord Of Darkness.. what will it be ?
Perfect health, lots of money and a long life.
-So any word for the readers?
Follow the Path of Darkness and you’ll see the Light! War is imminent! Prepare to fight! Let our Will Reign!
-Last Shadow's words ?
Thanx for the interview and interest in Black Altar. Good luck with your zine. Hail, Black Metal warriors!
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