Funeral March (in English)
Black Altar was formed in 1996, can you give the readers a brief history lesson?

Hail! As you mentioned, Black Altar was formed in 1996. Since that time, we have published a couple of releases. It was not that much, as I always put stress on quality, not quantity. The first release ever was demo „Na Uroczysku” (On a sacred place). Next, together with a fixed line-up, I recorded an EP „Wrath ov the Gods”. It was released by my Odium Records on a 7'' ep, as a split with Vesania. Later on, the same EP was released by the Southern American „WarKult Prod”. This time, it was a split with Norwegian Nebular Mystic. After eight years of being active, the time for the debut album „Black Altar” has come. „Black Altar” was released by German „Christhunt Prod” as CD and LP. After this recording, I had to say goodbye to Black Altar's members, as they were not fully dedicated to their work and they lacked ambitions. Four years later „Death Fanaticism” came to light. The album was recorded with a help of session musicians.
The first demo made was Na Uroczysku... and it was recorded with help from Doc (Vader), how was it to record with him, that was a great drummer?
Doc programmed drums on the debut demo. He was also the sound engineer. He truly was one of the best and the fastest drummers in the world. Unfortunately, he got into drugs and this led to his death.
You have released the releases under you own label, Odium Rex, when did you start this label? And is there any other bands on it than Black Altar?
Odium Rex's lot is closely connected with Black Altar, yet I thought even earlier about establishing a record label. I though, after „Na Uroczysku” was released, that it might be a great opportunity and perfect timing to start my own company. Apart from Black Altar, I released a couple of other bands. Vesania, Havarax form France or one of the oldest ones BM hordes from Poland as Thirst or legendary Sacrilegium. I am also planning on releasing more known bands, which will join Black Altar on various splits.
How is it to release everything yourself? Is the reason that you chose to do it on your that you have full control of what is going on or is there any other reason?
Personally, I like to have everything under control and I believe that I am capable of providing Black Altar with decent promotion. In Poland, maybe even with a very good promotion. I came to a conclusion that if the album is to be released by a major label, but an underground one, then I prefer to take care of the album’s release myself. In this way, I can release an album in the way I want it. I would not buy my own CDs when they run out of promo versions he he. I was close to signing a contract with Osmose, but finally, we did not reach an agreement.
In 2007 you moved from Poland to London, England. Was this for personal reasons or did the existence of Black Altar play a part of that as well?
I did it because of personal reasons, Just wanted to improve my material being. I wanted to bring my family to England. Moreover, I wanted to change surroundings as Polish reality and mentality gets on my nerves. It was also a refreshing experience for Black Altar. I met interesting people. After a year and a half, I decided to come back, due to personal issues and I am very happy with my decision. I work in my profession, as an estate agent and I earn more than in London.
After the release of the debut album you parted way with the rest of the members of Black Altar and have since then, if I got it all right, worked alone with session musicians. Are there any plans to make Black Altar a whole band again or will it remain a one man band?
I think Black Altar will remain a one-man project. From a time perspective, I think this would be the best solution for my band. I cooperate with one session guitarist. We work on music and later on, I can choose session musicians who I would like to work with. I do not have to take into consideration other people's point of view. I do not play concerts, so I do not really lack stable line-up. But I do not dismiss a possibility of playing in the future, if someone joins Black Altar's ranks.
The Great second full length, Death Fanaticism, was released last year but recorded in 2006. What was it that took so long from finishing recording until the release?
The delay was caused by several factors. Graphic was made by a Guy who worked on it more than 8 months. Ultimately I had to say goodbye to him, in a very unpleasant manner. Moreover, I was in England for quite a long time and this also did not speed up the process. I did not really have the time to take care of everything. It took almost 2 years to release the album, but the most important thing is the fact that it was finally released. Now, I can spread Black Metal disease over the world.
Do you have any plans of a follow up for Death Fanaticism yet? Are there any new songs written?
At this point, I focus on „Death Fanaticism's” promotion. I also finished the seventh track. Those records will be released on splits with Shining and Varathron/Thornspawn. Then, I am planning to record a mini-album, a continuation of „Death Fanaticism”, as far as lyrics are concerned. The mini-album will be devoted to death subject and all lyrics will be in Polish.
What can you tell us about the lyrics of Black Altar? What subjects do they handle and how do you get inspiration to write them?
Black Altar's lyrics always oscillated around occultism, Satanism, rituals. I am inspired by occult literature, horrors, my own thoughts, dark dreams, rituals in which I participated and from the world that surrounds me.
The music you make is of a higher standard than most of the bands out there today, how does the process of creating a song, the music, go?
Thanks for your positive opinion. Together with a guitarist with whom I cooperate, we work out on details. I compose my tracks and give them to the guitarist for the final processing. As a bass player, I do not compose too complicated tracks, ye they are more in a climate. Apart from that, the guitarist composes his own tracks, which are more technically advanced.
Are there any plans to play the music of Black Altar live?
No, I ultimately dropped the idea of playing concerts. I tried different configurations when it comes to appropriate musicians, but I had to leave it. I try to be a perfectionist and I wanted to be prepared to play concerts. Unfortunately, it is time-consuming. I did not have that free time. I have a family, two children and my professional work. I would not be able to find the balance and I do not want to do anything half-assed.
What are the future plans for now?
Except for the latest album's promotion, I polish seven records for Shining and Varathron/Thornspawn splits. I hope that one day, they will be released. Later on, I will take care of the mini-album I mentioned. Then, I will have time for the third album. I want it to be a special release in Black Altar's discography, but have not yet had a chance to appropriately focus on the album's concept.
That was all, any last words?
Thank you for your support. Let's sacrifice the hearts of your enemies upon the Black Altar! Hail!