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Hello Shadow, what's your actually line up and could you resume in a few words the band's biography ?
Hail! Currently I'm the only member of Black Altar. The band was brought into existence on Walpurgisnacht 1996 as a one-man project. A year later, with the assistance of session musicians, I recorded Black Altar's debut demo 'Na Uroczysku...' which was released by my label called Odium Rec. In the year 2000, together with a full line-up, 'Wrath ov the Gods', that was released as a split EP with Vesania horde, was recorded. A year later 'Wrath ov the Gods' was released on a 7"ep limited to 500 copies numbered with corpse blood. In 2003 a debut album 'Black Altar' was recorded. This album is considered to be a milestone in the development of the Black Altar horde. Christhunt Prod released my debut album in 2004. It is available on CD, gatefold LP (with A2 poster) and on MC. As a CD bonus you can find a professional videoclip. After the 'Black Altar' recording session Lord von Skaven and Antichrist were threw out of the band. That's everything as far as Black Altar is concerned.
How did you come to choose this bandname "Black Altar" ?
Well, when I thought up the name of the band I knew that this name, Black Altar, will perfectly fit the music and lyrics. I'm very satisfied.
Can you tell us more about Polish metal scene ?
Yeah, polish metal scene is quite big, there are some very good bands here. Everybody can find something for him/her. Of course, I'm mainly interested in black metal scene which is quite strong but divided, too. Conflicts and jelousy lie in polish mentality and the underground metal scene is a perfect example. Bands fight with each other making useless fuzz. Nonetheless, the best bands stick together; Black Altar together with Basatt, Thunderbolt, Infernal War, Holy Death, and Arkona create the elite of the true black metal scene in Poland, we are friends and we support each other.
What's the motivation in the band ?
The main motivation is the will to spread the plague of hatred and death. Black Altar is like a pestilential cloud that exterminates the weak beings that surround us.
Lord von Skaven and Antichrist left the band, what's gonna be Black Altar now ?
As I've mentioned before I'm the only member of Black Altar. In the second half of 2005 I'm going to search for a new and stable line-up. Meanwhile, my friends from two best polish bands will help me with the new material. Antichrist and Lord von Skaven weren't involved enough in Black Altar, thus there was no point in keeping them in the line-up.
What are your musical influences?
My most influential inspiration is the Scandinavian black metal scene from the first half of the 90's as this was the time when the most original and devoted bands have started to play. Apart from black metal I listen to some brutal death metal, some old metal bands from vinyl, dark ambient, various soundtracks and sometimes a very hardcore techno. But only black metal has an inspiring effect on me.
What are your inspirations when you write songs?
When I write new songs many different things inspire me in the act of creation. Pieces of other bands, horror movies, occult books and films, my dark dreams and the world that surrounds me.
Are you satisfied about your album?
Yes, I'm very satisfied with the music on 'Black Altar'. Still I can listen to it over and over again without getting bored. We really went high with the music, a magnificent combination of black metal essence and modern arrangements with a really dark and occult atmosphere. Additionally, I'm very pleased with the production of the LP as, although it is raw, 'Black Altar' is very selective and you can hear that is was recorded in a very good studio.
How was the recording at the studio?
We recorded the album in two studios. All instruments were recorded in Selani Studio, where Vader and Behemoth used to record their LPs. Then our sound engineer got a job in Studio X which is a lot better recording studio than Selani. In the new place we recorded vocals and we had mixed and mastered the whole 'Black Altar' album. The final product does not resemble anything that have left the walls of Selani or Studio X. The recording session was very comfortable because both recording studios are situated in my city.
Do you have favourite songs in this Album ?
Generally speaking I like all songs but my personal favorites are 'The Revelations of Scourge', 'Unholy Spell ov Death', or 'Fire ov Immortal Self'.
What's your relationships with Christhunt Productions ?
The co-operation between Black Altar and Christhunt Prod gets on very well. The boss and owner of Christhunt, Marco, agree with all my suggestion and proposals. Maybe it is not a big lebel but it has almost cult status in Germany. Together with No Colours they have no match as far as underground Black Metal is concerned. I appreciate the fact that Marco is so devoted to the underground.
Have you been touring this year? There were good shows?
From the very beginning Black Altar hasn't played live and this situation was caused by the fact that the rest of the band didn't even want to hear about it. This was one of the reasons they had to leave Black Altar. I hope that when I will find a suitable line-up the Black Altar's cruciate will finally begin.
What's your best memory in the band ?
The best memories are some rehearsals, studio sessions and people's recognition of Black Altar's music and lyrics. ...and the worst ? Again, some rehearsals, studio sessions and critical opinions of people who do not feel the true black metal spirit!! He, he.
Tourdates in France soon?
I hope so, with pleasure.
Which are your projects to come ?
I've got a new solo project, Kriegsgott. It is a raw Black Metal in totalitarian-war climate. Soon, I'm going to record a debut mini album as I wrote some material years ago and I think it is high time to do something with it. Kriegsgott will be released throught Christhunt Prod.
Do you have a message for the fans?
Yez! Walk the path of darkness and you will see the light. The time of war will come, be prepared for the battle on various grounds. The victory is OURS!!!HAIL!!
Thank you!
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