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Raubritter #1
1. Well, for all people who do not know Black Altar yet, please tell me about your history and all you have released until now!
Black Altar was created at the Walpurgisch Nacht as a one-man project. In 1998, the debut demo: “Na Uroczysku” was released, which was completed with the aid of session line-up and Doc of Vader as a sound engineer. The mentioned demo was released by my own label-Odium Rec. The next release was “Wrath ov the Gods”, recorded by the complete line-up in 2002 and released again by odium the same year. “The Wrath…” was released as a split with Vesania, which was limited to 666 copies hand numbered with blood. In 2003 this production was released as 7”ep. And now, in a couple of days, the BA`s debut album will be released by Christhunt prod. The music recorded on the debut album leaves the previous releases far behind. Moreover, a professional video-clip has been recorder for the current release.
2. You play very dark, satanic, fast Black Metal but on your Split with Vesania there are also two Black Ambient Tracks. How much are you interested in that kind of music and have you ever imagined to do an album only with dark Ambient Music?
Yes, I have, actually a the dark ambient genre has always been interesting to me. So, I`ve been considering setting up a solo project making this kind of music, however, it`s doubtful if this will ever happen , as I suffer from the continuous lack of time and I`m afraid future will be no different.
3. What do you exactly mean with the description of your sound as "Holocaust Horror Black Metal"? Are there any bands that have influenced you in a way?
As you know well, there are many kinds of black metal. As I didn’t want to be associated with some keyboard-folk romantic X-rate rinsing, I`ve decided to add the holocaust horror prefixes to my music description. This should be directly connected with the extreme and supreme kind of black metal. Personally I like bands playing this particular kind of metal most.
4. What do you think about today's Black Metal-scene? What do you think about most of the older former cult-bands that have completely changed their sound? Do you consider them as traitors who have quit playing true Black Metal just for the money?
The Current scene doesn`t resemble the scene from the past. As you have just mentioned, the old bands no longer exist or they have changed their musical style completely and play new fashionable shit. The bands from the official scene, that are still truthful to the old principles can be counted with a few fingers. However, I don`t consider those that changed their style or image as traitors , they`ve just ceased to fell what true black metal is. And it` much better that they`ve changed and play something different than have them play insincerely something they no longer feel. I just don`t care about them. Let them play what they wish as long as they don`t call it black metal.
5. What is your definition about the true spirit of Black Metal?
First of all black metal is not only the music itself, and this is the important issue , that differentiates this particular elite sub-genre of metal from its other genres. It`s not only music that plays important role here, but the whole atmosphere surrounding black metal as well. It`s the way of thinking and the lifestyle. One either fells it or not. Any band that don`t meet these requirements cannot be called true black metal.
6. What comes to your mind when you write your lyrics? What influences you?
Before I sit down to writing I devote a lot of time to thinking about the given text. As soon as the whole concept is ready I sit down and pour my thoughts onto paper. Then I`m like in a trance, cut off from the surrounding reality. The very writing of the text doesn`t take me then more than half an hour, and it resembles the phenomenon of the automatic writing. I get inspired by various factors: occult books, my own contemplation, gloomy dreams, or the surrounding reality.
7.What do you think about the different philosophys in Black Metal, like Satanism, Paganism, Atheism, Nihilism or other point of views? Can you identify yourself with any of it?
Black metal is, in fact, diversified when it comes to ideology. I identify myself with the the darkest occult-satanic kind. Black metal should deal with devilish subjects.
8. What would you call the best way of destroying christianity?
I think , that the best weapon is the intelligent propaganda. Any open display of violence can only strengthened their belief.
9. What do you think about politically influenced bands and NS-Black Metal, especially when one reads your booklet one can see the sentence "Hail to aryan Black Metal!" Are you influenced by nationalsocialist ideas?
Black metal glorifies evil and violence. So if one wants to play NSBM it`s his business as long as it is a quality music. Black Altar is not an NS band. My private views are patriotically orientated. I think , that white people should support each other and have greater consciousness of their situation, because there may be only few of them in dozen of years.
10.The polish underground Black Metal-scene is quite popular at the moment. Do you think that the polish scene has many good bands and if so, which ones do you like?
Yes , there are and the polish BM scene is strong indeed. I`m in friendly relationship with the following: Besatt, Infernal War, Thunderbolt, Holy Death, which are the leading bands here. Katharsis, Szron, Ohtar, Solar Wisdom, Sun Wheel, Kataxu, Tenebrosus are also worth mentioning. There are also some musically outstanding bands playing B.M. in the wide understanding of the genre: Vesania, or Crionics.
11.Are you working for a new release at the moment? When will there be a new Black Altar-release? Will it also be limited like the Split with Vesania? Who had the idea to write the numbers on the 666 copies of the Spli-CD with blood?
As I mentioned in the answer to your first question, the new release will be ready in a few days. It will be limited in its vinyl version to 500 copies, and to 500 copies in its MC version hand numbered with corpse blood. The cd version will not be limited. The idea of numbering the BA/Vesania split was mine. Due to it his release should be of a greater value in the future.
12. Give a short statement to the following things / persons:

a) Christ
jewish dreamer, who stained the world with his philosophy
b) German Black Metal You’ve got a strong and prolific scene; I’m in touch with a number of people there. Music wise I like Nargaroth, Zorn and Ewiges Reich etc.
c) Burzum
The cult band that has left its stigmata on the BM scene. The last good record is Filosofem.
d) Darkthrone The merry Fenriz`s band, who now don`t have much to offer, apart from their stupid face expressions and responses.

13. If you had three wishes for free, what would them be like?
1.The disappearance of Christianity and Muslim carcass from the earth.
2.The chance to exterminate all those who piss me off without punishment.
3.A milliard Euro, and then I`d leave my mark on this planet.

14. Well, that's it, thanks for the interview and hail to Poland!

Thank you for the interesting interview. Support the underground cult. Get ready to war on various levels. The victory is ours. Let’s sacrifice the hearts of your enemies upon the Black Altar!
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