Sadist Satan zine (Italy)

Well Shadow, its long time who I not speak with u. What news for starting?I know actually have new members in the band... is it true? What consist the new formation?!?


Hailz! Yes, the musicians of the Swedish Ondskapt and guitarist of the Polish Spirits Way joined me. We are also working on new songs. The newest will be a split with the Norwegian Kirkebrann and a mini album "Necromantic Revelations". At the moment I have released re-edition of the mini album "Suicidal Salvation" along with 4 bonus tracks from the split with Varathron and Thornspawn.


About Odium Productions.... Everything fine?!?


At the moment I have given up releasing other bands and I am focusing only on Black Altar.


How does it differ BLACK ALTAR respect the other typical Polish Black Metal bands? Also what Polish bands you appreciate in particular?


Black Altar has its own unique style. The trend of post black metal bands is very fashionable in Poland, with very strange Polish names and titles. For me, with black metal, it does not have much in common, I always went the extreme way. For me the best Polish band Thunderbolt, from present ones Deus Mortem, Arkona, Mgła.


What is important for you the meaning of the black arts and the dark light of the Luciferian's spirituality? The long and difficult way for find the truth!


The most important thing is to be loyal to yourself and your ideals. After a few years of break, I intensely explore occultism and forbidden knowledge again. Yes, it is such a vast field that it can be explored the whole life. We will know the truth only after death.


I'm curious to know your point of views about what is negative for you. The negativity have a strong impact and give cruel sensations some times. For u what represents?


What is negative for me is what does not serve me, which is harmful to me and which is contrary to my plans and views. Sometimes Negativity is inspiring and motivating to increased activities. I try, however, not to get into it too often, because in the long run it is not something that helps in life.


Do you look at all these invisible forces of the universe with what kind of feeling? Speaking about astronomy, just some days before this interview, NASA have conquered Mars! Are you afraid, fascinated…?


Space fascinates me very much. It is infinite, and we are only a small point on the constellation. I have seen photos from Mars, very interesting. Personally, I believe that somewhere there, not necessarily in our solar system, there is a strange form of life that knows about our existence.


Which is your favourite and fascinating historical time and why? Actually you living in England, a great land for the history and also totally different from the Slavic lands... Another point who have full of great interesting things.


A difficult question, in general, the story is very interesting, beginning with the Vikings finishing with the Second World War. Britain is beautiful and has enormous historical traditions since the Celts, Romans and Vikings who conquered the area. There were many battles here and there are many interesting places like Stonehange.


Satan = Enemy! Enemy for what people? What is the word Satan for you? Also regarding what genre of cult you follow and practice? Nowadays Satanism is a word similar to Christianity or Catholicism, you agree? And what is your opinion about the necromancy, the cult of the dead?


Everyone understands Satanism or Satan himself quite individually. I see that for most musicians of the most satanic bands Satan is just a symbol representing rebellion, enlightenment, etc. This may seem strange, but I believe in a personal being called Satan, I believe that Demons really exist. I also believe in luminous beings, they can be called simply Angels. In my opinion, there is a balance between these forces and one cannot exist without the other. It's something like Ying and Yang. I am very interested in the topic of Necromancy recently, to the extent that the new mini album "Nekromantic Revelations" is entirely devoted to this issue.


What is important for you practice the ritual of Sex Magick and follow the cult of Ouroboros?


Sexual magic serves to achieve specific goals and I use it for them. It is a very simple yet powerful tool, and at the same time very pleasant. Personally I use it mainly to activate the power of Sigil.


Its very difficult find texts in your mother Polish language, except fews ones as "WidmoSmierci" and your very old one "Na Uroczysku...". Why this choose? Too difficult made music using Polish texts or is for another thing?


Interesting question, I do not know, but it's easier to write and sing in English. Many texts in Polish sound somehow funny and infantile to me. But I want to have a Polish text on the new mini album. For now, I only have the title.


In the official videoclip of "Tophet" appear Acerbus from ONDSKAPT. What is started that collaboration? What is important for you mark a good video and who have inspired you in particular for create the exact atmosphere who you are in perpetual research for your video?


Acerbus is my old friend, so the cooperation came naturally. "Tophet" is associated with a very personal story. Around 3 years ago I had an unofficial diagnosis of ALS, which is the worst, incurable disease, all muscles disappear and a man dies on average after 3 years as a vegetable. This song was originally intended for the next release, but I knew that I did not have much time left. "Tophet" was supposed to be the last song in my life, so I wanted to make it special. So I invited my friends from Vader, Ondskapt, Acherontas and Beascraft for this recording. I also decided to make a music video. Everything is stretched, but I'm satisfied with the final result. As for a music video that I could be inspired by, only Marduk "Souls for Belial" comes to mind. Returning to health matters, I reported to one of the best specialists in the world from this disease that looked after for ex. Steven Hawking. He watched me for a year and a half and did research at his Oxford clinic, and luckily he definitely ruled out this diagnosis. So that it would not be too sweet, my fiancé is now struggling with brain cancer.


If I'm correct, soon will be out a sort of 'compilation' who include the mini album "Suicidal Salvation" and other tracks in a special version, box included. What consist that?!?


Yes, everything is almost already produced. It is a re-edition of the mini album "Suicidal Salvation" originally released on digi cd by Darker than Black. I will give it for the first time on vinyl, 8 panel digipack and limited to 50 pieces of wooden boxing, also containing a T-shirt, medallion, badges and other accessories. As a bonus, there are 4 songs from this split from Varathron / Thornspawn. All songs were recorded during the same session, so they have the same sound and could be a full album.


Made a good work with the graphix todays is not a simple thing... What man have made the artworks for "Winds Of Decay" and concerned the concept what is the author of that?


The author of the cover is Nestor Avalos. It was already ready and when I saw it, I knew it would fit perfectly with the title "Winds ov Decay". I just told him to add some details, for example, these demons on the sides.


The last stuff who I know is the split with the Norwegian blasphemers BEASTCRAFT! Is not the first time who you made split with other Norwegian Black Metal bands. Introduce us better about... thanx!


Yes, the material "Winds ov Decay" along with the video was released as a split with Beastcraft. Originally, it was supposed to appear on the 20th anniversary of the Black Altar, but through the additional song "Tophet" and the video shot for it, it was extended by almost 2 years and split came out on the 22nd anniversary. It appeared as a beautiful digipack, heavy vinyl gatefold and wooden box with 2 shirts and various rarities from the entire Black Altar activity period. It's already sold out. I also did a split for South America with the Norwegian Nebular Mystic, and the newest split will be with Kirkebrann. I'm a split fan, but this one will be the last. It's time to concentrate on full-length materials.


VADER... is one of the best bands from Poland! I have the sensation who you have intentions to mark something with them... or... is only a sensation and a good dream for you?!?


Vader originally comes from my city and I follow their career from the demo days. Their former drummer Docent was the sound engineer on my debut demo and did drumming there as well. In turn, in the song "Tophet" from the music video is where the current Vader's drummer James plays. Next to Deicide it is one of my favorite metal bands, especially the first 2 albums. In addition to occasional help from their side, I cannot dream of any other cooperation with me. They will rather not issue a split with Black Altar he he.


I know now you are active in another side project called RAUS! who exist an split EP with the Polish Pagan Ambient PERUNWIT! In what consist that project? Is possible know?


RAUS! Is an industrial black metal project of mine and Aro from Perunwit / Lord Wind / Graveland. I released my debut mini album as a split with Perunwit. Currently, we are very busy and do not think that something more will appear under this banner.


About your other project War Metal KRIEGSGOTT have some news for reveal us?? Its long time who I not have any...


Yes, a 7 "split with American Nokturne has been ready for a couple of years. Previously, DarkerThan Black was supposed to release it, but Hendrik had some problems with Antifa and he gave up the topic. I will publish it myself, I think in the middle of the year, with the reissue of the Black Altar's debut and split with Kirkebrann. The other release of Kriegsgott will be a compilation of all tracks on cd. At this point this project will probably end.


Well Shadow, my pleasure to spread your words and again I give you the free space for the last words. See you...


Thank you for interesting questions my friend. Regards to all that follows the true path!