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Shwarzmetal Magasine
After four years of almost silence, you have released your second Album „Death Fanaticism”. Why took it so long to create a new work? Didn't you had enough time or was just the process of writing and recording new songs so time-consuming?
Hail! First of all, during the first year of my silence, I promoted the debut album. I also fired all of the musicians as they were not enough engaged in the band. Later on, together with session guitarist, I composed material for the new album. After its recording, I moved to London for 1,5 year. This also did not make the matters more simple. The guy who was preparing graphic for the album drudged at that for 10 months approximately. So in the end, it took 4 years. But the most important thing is that the album was finally released and it represents the level which I expected.
Your earlier works were all released through your own label "Odium Records", just your first album came out under Christhunt Productions. Why have you chosen your own label again for "Death Fanaticism"? Was it more complicated to work with other people?
I admit that so far, my label has been strictly connected with Black Altar's lot. When the first album was being prepared, I got an offer from German Christhunt Prod. Which is a very solid and ideological label. Osmose Prod was interested in releasing the second album. But we had different visions and ideas when it comes to sound and production of the album, so it did not work out. Christhunt had some problems at the moment so I decided to release the album on my own. In this way, I had control over what is being done. I do not regret my decision.
Is this also the reason why Black Altar is a solo-project? You had some musicians with you in the band before but now you work alone. Did you had to make to much compromises? And do you now play all instruments on your own or have you any session musicians?
As I mentioned before, all of the other musicians turned out to be not too ambitious and I could not even force them to rehearse. Despite of the fact that we could have done our rehearsals at the guitarist's place. I think that explains everything. So I started cooperation with a session guitarist who has been always near Black Altar. I got also some help from the other ex musicians when we worked on the second album. I entered the studio with the session guitarist I mentioned before and we recorded everything in 4 days. Drums were already done before. In the future, I also plan to cooperate with session musicians. I think it is the best solution for bands like Black Altar.
Back to the music. I think some of the guitar-riffs on your new album are not typically black metal. Its like a fresh breeze and makes your music varied and exciting. Where came the ideas for this riffs from? Any influences you want to mention?
The riffs you mentioned is the session guitarist merit as he likes innovative way of playing as Thorns or Satyricon does. I admit that thanks to it, Black Altar's music took in some freshness and is quit characteristic. We do not copy like hundreds of bands, Darkthrone's riffs.
What means "Death Fanticism" for you? Do you glorify your own death and do you long for it or is it the death of others which excites you? Also is it more the state of beeing dead which fascniates you? Some kind of necro-worshipping. Or is it the way people dying?
Well, as you noticed - Death is the main motif on this album. Its phenomenon is displayed in lyrics, but from different points of view, as I am not the only lyric writer on the album. I was always fascinated by Death subject, its mystery. As a curiosity, I can mention that when I wrote the material for this album, a series of death happened, in my surroundings. It helped me to look at the subject from a more personal point of view. But it has nothing to do with necro-worshipping. The subject of Death is going to be continued on the forthcoming mini-album, which lyics are to be in Polish only.
So, I've heard you moved from Poland to London, England. Does this have any influences on your music? Do you now have more options or is maybe the scene in England different to the Polish?
Honestly, I came back to Poland almost a year ago. Being in the UK rather did not influence my music. A typical English scene consists of Cradle of Filth-like bands. Fortunately, there are so many supporters of metal from different countries, especially from Poland that I did not feel great difference between England and Poland.
Now, after your second full-lenght release what are your future plans? Is there allready a concept for the next album?
Now I have 7 tracks prepared to record. I hope they will be finally released on splits with Varathron/Thornspawn and 7" with Shining, which should have been released some time ago already. Then, I will start preparations for recording of the mini album I talked about before. I will also start working on the third album.
Thanks for the answers. The last words belong to the musician:
Thanks for your support towards Black Altar. Hail to all Black Metal warriors. Let's sacrifice the hearts of our enemies upon the Black Altar!
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