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I heard that something new is planned with BLACK ALTAR in the near future? What is it and what can you tell us about it?


Yes. I have just released, via my Odium Rec, a re-edition of the debut album "Black Altar" in a new graphic version and new mastering and the Graveland album "1050 years of Pagan Cult". The next material will be split with Norwegian Kirkebrann. I just finished recording these songs with Lars B from Funeral Mist (ex Marduk) and Mauser (ex Vader). I will release this material along with the Norwegian Vulture Lord, then there will be a split with Vulture Lord.


Many musicians tend to notice their own "mistakes" quite easily, and when finishing an album they already think about how they can avoid such supposed mistakes on future albums. Are you that self-critical and ambitious?


Probably not. I sit longer and longer over production, but when I'm done, I'm rather satisfied and I don't regret later that I could have done something better. Once you have to say enough and finish the production process. I am happy with all my previous materials, starting from the debut album.


Your lyrics show that you have a certain affection for Satanism and view Christianity with skepticism or rejection. On a political and social level there is currently more than enough reason to take a clear position against certain developments, but what gives you courage despite all this and how much strength do you draw from your activities with BLACK ALTAR to face some scary things in everyday life self-confidently?


Hmm. I think Black Altar has nothing to do with it. Generally, I have a strong character and personality, and from this I draw strength to overcome everyday obstacles.


Most of the reviews I’ve read about BLACK ALTAR have been quite euphoric, yet I haven’t read an interview myself lately. Am I blind, or are you as a band simply not exciting enough, because you don’t hide your faces under hoods and behind dark cloths, but let the music speak for itself?


I think you may not have found interviews lately, some of them appear in printed magazines. Every few weeks I reply to an interview or more often and for the duration of Black Altar's activity, I think there were at least 200 of them. I should update the band's website and post some interviews there, which I haven't done for years


You promoted the last albums and splits yourself with ODIUM RECORDS and published it almost on your own. Do you still carry out your label activities intensively? All the more remarkable is the fat production.


I used to release a lot, but for like 3 years I decided to focus only on Black Altar. The only exception I made was the last edition of Graveland "1050 years of Pagan Cult" and next year I will release 2nd album of the cult Norwegian Vulture Lord, which comes back years later with an album composed by Nefas before his death 7 years ago. The new line-up includes musicians from Urgehal, Carpathian Forest, Beastcraft, Endezzma and Thornspawn. I prefer to control everything myself and have a large supply of free copies, rather than buying your records later from a label. I also have the appropriate promotional and distribution measures at the level of much larger labels, so the choice seems rather simple. In addition, I sell license to release Black Altar in various parts of the world.


On your presence on Facebook you grant insights into the development of some releases. Is it Facebook and Co. more important than ever in terms of promotion and marketing? How do you feel about social networks?


I think that social media, especially Facebook, is currently the most powerful tool for distributing news, also you tube, bandcamp and spotify. Does anyone like it or not, must accept this fact. I don't have a problem with it and I am always available on Facebook, but on the other hand I remember with fondness the times of handwriting letters, tape trading and photocopied zines.


What is the current status of your other projects KRIEGSGOTT und RAUS! ?


They are inactive. Under the banner of Kriegsgott there will be another 7 "EP, which was originally supposed to be released by Darker than Black as a split with Nocturne, but in his time Hendrik had problems with Antifa. Later I have been preparing for a few years to release this and somehow I always have something more important to release, which is a pity, because these are the 2 best songs of Kriegsgott. At the end a compilation of all Kriegsgott songs will be released and that would everything considering these projects. I am focusing only on Black Altar now. Maybe once I compose something simple, raw and hit, it will be released under the banner of Kriegsgott, but for now it is unlikely to happen. RAUS! Is also dead I must say. Aro is busy with Lord Wind, Perunwit and also helps in Graveland.


A few years ago you moved from your homeland Poland to England? What was the reason for that and do you still have old contacts in the scene in Poland and are there already new contacts in England?


I felt that I had achieved everything in my city and would either leave now or be too old for it. I was always drawn to London, especially since I lived there before. When my business started to go worse I decided to leave and it was an excellent decision. I still have old contacts there and some new ones, and many new ones in the UK.


If you look at our music culture nowadays, what do you see positively and what can't you stand? And how far would you compromise if a label made you a good, worthwhile offer for the third album?


Do you mean metal music? Hmm, difficult question. Generally, I work on what I like and don't lose energy on something I don't. However, if I were to mention something I don't like, it would be political correctness, post black metal and the trend in Poland for Polish names and the stupidest and most bizarre lyrics.

As for the second part of the question, since a large label would offer me a release, it means that they like the music of Black Altar and know what to expect from this band. So I don't think that they urge us to make any drastic change, and if they do, then of course they would be met with a definite refusal, all the more I have a record label with quite a lot of financial resources and I can release everything myself without compromising.


Will there be live gigs with BLACK ALTAR again?


Black Altar has never played any concerts before. It was prevented by the reluctance of other musicians to play, or the lack of time etc. Now, however, the right time has come and I decided to play, the more so that I am not complaining about tour offers in South America or Japan. So in the second half of next year the first concerts should take place. Mauser (ex Vader), who is a very experienced concert musician, will join me on second guitar, so it should be good.


What goals and dreams do you want to realize with BLACK ALTAR?


First of all, to play a lot of good concerts. To record 3rd album that will cause a lot of confusion, have a stable line up and continue the chosen path - these are my goals / dreams related to the band.


Thank you for your time, the last words belong to you?


Also thank you for the interesting interview. Greetings to all worshipers of real Black Metal. Let’s sacrifice the Hearts of your Enemies upon the Black Altar!

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