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Final War
1. Hail! In the beginning of the interview I would like you to give a short summary of the history of BLACK ALTAR till today!
Black Altar was created at the Walpurgisch Nacht as a one-man project. In 1998, the debut demo: "Na Uroczysku" was released, which was completed with the aid of session line-up and Doc of Vader as a sound engineer. The mentioned demo was released by my own label-Odium Rec. The next release was "Wrath ov the Gods", recorded by the complete line-up in 2002 and released again by Odium the same year. "The Wrath…" was released as a split with Vesania, which was limited to 666 copies hand numbered with blood. Vesania members are at the same time Vader`s and Behemoth`s musicians. In 2003 this production was released as 7"ep. limited to 500 copies hand numbered with corpse blood. 2004 opens with the long awaited release of the B.A.`s debut album:"Black Altar", released by Christhunt Prod in cd and Lp versions. Odium Rec. releases the mentioned in MC version, limited, as usually, to 5oo copies hand numbered with corpse blood.
2. Your first album "Black Altar" was released now. What can you tell us about that album? How comes that it was released by German Christhunt Prod.?
"Black Altar" is undoubtedly a mileage stone in the development of the band. It definitely shows the band`s new face. Most of the music was composed by new musicians, devoted to the black art in this total way that I am. They are much better musicians than myself, which fact contributed to the creation of quite advanced release. I think, that this record is a splendid combination of the essence of black metal and modern arrangements. If it comes to my relationship with Christhunt Prod., I sent them :Wrath ov the Gods" one day with the inquiry and they liked it instantly , so they offered us to release the record under their label. At the beginning I wanted to release a minialbum , but Marco convinced me to the full format record , which now I agree was a good idea.
3. Unfortunatly I don't know your old stuff, but in a biography I read, that there are some developments in your sound. Where do you see differences to your old material?
When "N a uroczysku" demo was being recorded, Black Altar, a one-man band, couldn`t be that impressive, as my music skills were not developed, and I was still working on my composition creating skills and the bass , too. So, the music, however chaotic and uneven at times, has to be valued for its peculiar, dark and raw atmosphere. I am still sentimental about this demo, as the music recorded there is definitely sincere and it traces back to my black heart. The next release:"Wrath ov the Gods", is much better. Again, all the tracks were composed by me, but just before entering the studio I met musicians that have stayed with me until today. And the latest release, as I have already mentioned, comprises tracks by these musicians, which contributed to the higher technical level. The music itself has become more extreme, the sound there is awesomely massive and brutal.
4. As both, lyrics and music, are contributed by all members it seems, that everybody in BLACK ALTAR is responsible equally, and not, as often, most is done by one foundation-member. Is that right? How much did the "younger members" contribute to the album?
Actually, 6 out of 9 tracks were composed by them this time. They also wrote the lyrics, so their contribution is enormous. I did the other three tracks and ,of course, I take care about the overall image of BA. I`m responsible for all decision-taking, organization issues, promotion and the ideological concepts.
5. Furthermore the artwork includes many Satanic symbols and pictures, so I think this is your ideological background. As it is interpreted in many different way I would be interested in what values, aims etc. your Satanic philosophy includes?
Satanism is a very individual matter. I did create my own philosophy out of various occult trends and streams. I do believe in the being called Satan. I do perceive Him as the symbol of evil or the rebellion against "good". Satan, the opponent, has been there since the beginning of things, thousands years before anyone heard of Christ, and has been called hundred different names, throughout centuries. He constitutes the necessary part of the universe, helps keep it in balance, as there is no good witout evil , and no evil without good.
6. When did you first had contact with Satanism? Do you practise Black Magic and rituals?
My fist contact with satanism traces back to the times when i was ten. I used to be enchanted by the subject and devoured piles of books on that. I have taken part in some dark ceremonies, usually conditioned by astrological events. Now, that I`ve mastered some level of knowledge, I don`t have, unfortunately, that much time to devote to this intensively dark knowledge.
7. The videoclip for "Fire Ov Immortal Self" seems to be very professionally produced. Where did you record the video and how can one imagine the making-process? What was your intention behind interpreting one song visually and why did you choose "Fire Ov…"?
Yes, the clip is done professionally and I`m really proud of it. I didn`t want to make another clip somewhere in the woods with guitars plugged to the tree or the stream , if you know what I mean, like in all those Trollech-like clips. Our clip was made by a man specializing in computer graphic art and it definitely contributed to the creation of something extraordinary. Because of the technique used the frames for the clip were recorded in 2 different blue box places and then combined with the graphic artwork. The outcome is fucking dark and filled with perversity and filled with satanic symbolism. "Fire ov Immortal Self" was composed and written for the purpose of then the future clip. It is all I wanted it to be. Extreme music, atmosphere and slow recitation.
8. Who are these nice girls in the video?
One of them is my girlfriend ( soon after it turned out that while recording the clip she was already pregnant) and the remaining girls were recommended by various friends.
9. What are your lyrics in general about and where do you find inspirations? As all members write lyrics, does a common lyrical essence have to be? What is written first: lyrics or music?
My lyrics are usually descriptions of dark rituals and the manifestos of hate. I do my best to make them as gloomy as possible , as I think that it suits the black metal genre. I get inspired by my own thoughts, occult books, horrors, the surrounding world and dark dreams. The rest of B.A. musicians are into more philosophical subjects, based on Nietzche`s philosophy for instance. The routine is that at first we compose music and then lyrics follow. And this is the case with me and the guitarist, whereas the drummer cannot compose music without the lyrics first.
10. Let's get back to the early days of BLACK ALTAR: What was the intention behind forming a band?
Intention of creation of Black Altar horde is proclaiming of hymns of darkness and destruction by our remittance. We are like a black, pestilential cloud, which exterminate surrounding us weak creatures.
11. Why did you choose the name BLACK ALTAR? What is its meaning and representation for the band?
I think , that the Black Altar name suits the terror created by us, the musical and lyrical terror. It reflects black thoughts and destructive goals. I am proud of it.
12. If you should name one band or album, that had the biggest influence on you, which one would that be?
It`s a difficult question as there have been many such albums. It must be "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", though.
13. What direct effect on the listener would be perfect for you (e.g. headbang, murder, suicide etc…)?
I'd not definitely like people to have a good time as black metal doesn`t serve joy or fun, so some destructive impact would be preferable , together with some though-evoking effect, especially after reading the lyrics
14. What musicstyles, artists and/or albums do the bandmembers listen to in private life?
We are into black metal, some industrial or soundtrack music as well. I also like some hard techno from time to time.
15. And which releases you would count to the worst of all time or disappointed you most?
This question is even harder to answer as there have been many more such albums than those that impressed me. One of them would be Masters' Hammer "Slagry", and I`d add here Mayhem "Grand Declaration of War", too.
16. Which activities/interests do you have besides BLACK ALTAR? (literature, films, hobbies, other bands…)
I am occupied with musical issues: the band and the label. Soon I should also start with my solo project with raw Totalitarian Black Metal music. My interests are wide but because of the lack of time I am forced to focus only on musical issues.
17. You come from Poland, a land that is not unknown for Black Metal, but I think your style isn't typically Polish as this is often associated with bands like GRAVELAND etc. What do you think about the Polish Black Metal Underground and it's position in comparsion to other countries like Germany, France etc…?
Our music is different from music played by Graveland. It is more brutal , expansive and connected to the scandynavian atmosphere. Poland can take pride in its strong black metal scene. More and more bands play with higher technical skills. It is the same with Germany as far as I know, but the scene there is more focused on nation-pagan issues and hermetic. So it is hard to compare different scenes, as every single one has some interesting bands. It is hard not to notice the next full bloom of black metal and the number of new bands appearing I just hope it will not become another trend.
18. I think you also run Odium Rec. . What is your label philosophy? Do you support only specific bands or formats? What have you released yet and what will come next?
That's right, as I have already mantioned I am the owner of Odium Rec. I haven`t released a lot so far, it`s 3 Black Altar's releases, but I`m planning the development of my activity. I want to make Odium an elite label with the air of mysticism. I release cds, mcds and vinyls, too.
19. What live-experiences did you make until now? Will there be concerts of BLACK ALTAR in future, maybe even in Germany?
So far Black Altar hasn't played a single gig, which is partly caused by the decision of the other B. A. members not to play live. I kind of understand their attitude when I observe the beings coming to gigs, they don't seem to care if Korn or Dark Throne is there on stage. All they seem to care about is to get drunk and shake to the music. There is a chance, however, that I will start playing live with a different line-up (maybe with Vesania/Vader`s drummer), but these will be performances for the elite and not for the poseur strays.
20. Your album has just been released. Besides that, any planned releases? What are your aims for the future?
Still this year we want to record 4 tracks for a mini album and release it as a split with some well-known, cult horde
21. What do think spontaneous when hearing the following words:
Organised Religion:
mind slavery
slavery and death fot the weak
new beginning
one of the best inventions of mankind

22. Ok, thank you very much for your time to answer our questions! The last words are yours…

Thank you for very interesting and detailed questions. Support the Black Metal Cult. Get ready for the battle on different levels. Victory is ours! Let's sacrifice the hearts of your enemies upon the Black Altar! Hail!
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