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Lucifer Rising

1 - You just released the music video for “Deus Inversus”. It is the third Norwegian band to share a job. How did the partnership with the band KIRKEBRANN happen to launch the split? How was the concept of the cover art made and who is responsible?


Hailz! The split idea was born during a conversation with a member of the Norwegian Svikt who was mixing the upcoming Kirkebrann album. I mentioned that I was looking after some valuable band for split, and he proposed Kirkebrann. They gladly agreed. Nestor Avalos is responsible for the cover, which I think fits well with the concept of split.


2 - I noticed that in this song the drums were recorded by Lars Brodesson (ex-MARDUK), bass by Mauser (EX-VADER) and there was also participation by Alexandros from MACABRE OMEN on vocals. How is the band currently forming?


Yes, in addition to them, the very talented vocalist Lilly Kim added their vocals. All these people, except for Mauser, appeared as session members. Apart from myself and him, I have a full line-up consisting of drummer and the second guitarist as well as session vocalist who will support me during the band's first concerts.


3- Still talking about the new video, there are several interesting points. First, who is Behemoth-X and what is its segment in the occult?


Behemoth X is a world-class occultist who has his popular channel on youtube in which he films his rituals, contacting demons. I am very grateful to him that he agreed to share his materials in the video.


4 - Some fragments of the film “The Heretics” enriched the video a lot. In addition, an image caught my attention: Kali by Johfra Bosschart. What is the reason for introducing this image in the video? Just for visual impact or does it represent something else?


In addition to the mentioned fragments, the video presents various deities from the left hand path and analogies between them. The image you are talking about was inserted by the author of the video clip, but I think that it suits the rest of the concept.


5 - Among secrecy and occult images in the video, I see an acclaim to ALGOL, the demon star. Are astrological studies part of the lyrical content of the band?


Privately, I'm interested in horoscopes and the impact of planets on human beings and events. My father is the author of several popular books on the subject. However, this does not affect the lyrics in Black Altar.


6- "Black flame of Iblis ...". In Islamic theology, Íblis corresponds to the devil of Christian theology. Speaking of religion, what is your opinion about countries where religion has a fundamental role in controlling the politics and social life of its inhabitants?


As you probably know, I have a very negative opinion. It is the enslavement of the individual and his freedom. I know a bit from practice because Poland is a very Catholic country where many customs and even institutions are subordinated to the church. Of course, in Islamic countries the situation looks worse, even listening to metal there may carry a risk of imprisonment.


7- BLACK ALTAR originated in Poland, but today, if I'm not mistaken, it is based in England. What are the main differences that you noticed in the Black Metal made in these two countries? Both musically and on the scene in general.


That's right, I moved from Poland to England, London almost 6 years ago. Certainly the scene in Poland is much more extreme, although the post black metal trend is also very popular recently. In England, however, less extreme stuff is much more popular, with Gothic influences in the style of Cradle of Filth or melodic bands. However, there are a lot of metalheads from Poland and other countries who balance these trends.


8 - Shadow, in addition to BLACK ALTAR, you have the KRIEGSGOTT and RAUS! projects. Tell us a little about them. How are your songs and themes?


Kriegsgott is my very old solo project, in which I played simple and raw, although quite hit-like black metal with war lyrics. Whereas RAUS! is an industrial black metal project with Martial industrial influences that I founded with Aro from Perunwit / Lord Wind / Graveland. I released my debut mini album as a split with Perunwit and with this I wanted to end its activity, but recently a lot of people ask about new material, so maybe someday a full album will be recorded.


9 - Did the pandemic that plagues the world, with the covid-19, brought many problems to your label, Odium Records? Still about Covid-19, what do you think of this moment that we are going through?

It didn't affect me or my musical activity. Personally, this period suits me very well and brings some relax. In my opinion, all this panic and imposed restrictions were greatly exaggerated. We'll see what the situation will look like.


10 - Do you know any Black Metal bands from Brazil? And which bands in the world currently indicate to our readers?


I know Evil, Goatpenis, Mystifier, Murder Rape, and a few others whose names have come out of my head right now. From the latest album news, the biggest impression on me was made by the debut album of the Greek Haxandraok (Acherontas) and the debut of the Finnish Bythos.


11 - What has changed in the band's identity since the launch of the first DT “Na uroczysku..” in 1998?


Music on the demo "Na Uroczysku..." was completely different from what appeared later. It can be said that the proper style of Black Altar was formed on the debut album, which was quite advanced technically, and at the same time wild and brutal. However, enthusiasm and passion for creation remained unchanged. This flame is still burning in me just as at the beginning.


12 - BATHORY and MAYHEM. How important are these two bands for BLACK ALTAR?


Their music did not affect Black Altar to be honest, but personally they are very important bands to me, especially their first recordings, because later stuff do not appeal to me that much.


13 - Suicide is salvation?


May be. Not for me, but I understand that someone can make such decision for various reasons.


14 - Are you part of any chain that follows the path of the left hand? Introduce us.


I'm studying Draconian Left Hand Path. I am close to Temple of Ascending Flame and Dragon Rouge, but formally I do not belong anywhere.


15 - For some time, many have been criticizing some European bands regarding infidelity to Black Metal and Death Metal. They say that in Europe many bands play at any festival without worrying about who will share the stage. Nazi bands, White Metal bands and Black / Death Metal bands sharing the same stage. What is your opinion?


I think it's not just Europe, there are bands everywhere acting like that. This is an individual approach. Personally, I wouldn't perform at a concert where most of the bands would be random and not connected to  ideology.


16 - Thank you for listening to our call. Leave your final comments here.


Thank you very much for interesting the interview. Sucfrice the hearts of you enemies upon the Black Altar!



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