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Metallegion Magazine (Portugal)

Hintf: Hails.  In 1996 you founded Black Altar, how did you have the idea for this outfit and did you two share a specific musical vision at the time?


Hailz! I founded Black Altar in 1996 and at the beginning it was a one-person project. From the beginning I wanted to play the most extreme black metal. On the first demo, which was recorded by Doc, deceased drummerof Vader, I was just shaping my compositional skills and this was not what I wanted to achieve, but with each subsequent material I went along with the accompanying musicians towards an ever-greater extremity, not forgetting however about the technical aspects and quality.

Hintf: The band was built on a Satanic foundation, what does it represents for you?


It means Rebellion and fulfilling your own Will. Opposing slave religions and focusing on Black Arts.

Hintf: Death Fanaticism, your second full length was released eleven years ago and now you're re releasing your EP Suicidal Salvation, How close are you to release a new full length?


Very far. Soon the reedition of the debut album will be issued, on the 15th anniversary of its first release. With new mastering and graphic design. At the moment we are recording 2 songs for a split with the Norwegian Kirkebrann and only after that we will we start to create the material for the full-length album. For now we have only 1 song and a few riffs.

Hintf: What ideas will be represented in the new material? After all this time can we expect an album on the line of its predecessors or your musical view and personal beliefs changed during this time?


The album will be entitled "Nekromantic Revelations" and, as it indicates, it will be about Necromancy and related black arts. Musically it will be a natural development of the latest materials, there will be more black metal, more technical stuff and some hit-like stuff as well.

Hintf: When composing what inspires you and what ideas do you share in common?


We often start with some guiding riff, which is good for the chorus and later develop the topic. We look at the compositions as a whole from many different perspectives. When it comes to inspiration, sometimes we hear something that speaks to us, but these are so characteristic things that we don't want to copy them, we try to keep the style that is characteristic for Black Altar.

Hintf: Being in studio or playing live? Which of them gives you more pleasure?


Black Altar has never played a concert yet in its 23-year history. Maybe it will change next year.

Hintf:  Do you have any plans on coming soon to Portugal?


When we finally start playing live, I'm absolutely sure we will come to Portugal as well. I know we have some fans there.

Hintf: Do you know any portuguese black metal bands?


Not many. I'm familiar with Corpus Christi and Gaerea.

Hintf: To conclude our interview would you like to say some words to our readers?


Greetings to all Black Metal worshippers from Portugal. I encourage all who are not familiar with Black Altar to check us out. Hailz!


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