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1)Tony here from RIVOT RAG in Tampa Florida. Thank you for the interview SHADOW first off can you give a little bio on BLACK ALTAR ?
Hail! Black Altar was founded In 1996 during Walpurgiasnacht as a one-man Project. In 1997 I recorded, with a little help from session musicians, my first demo “Na uroczysku...” which was released a year later by my Odium Rex. In 2000, with a solid line-up, I’ve recorded “Wrath ov the Gods” EP, which was released In 2002 as a limited to 666 copies edition of cd split with Vesania, numbered with human blood . In 2003 this material was released as a 7’’ EP limited to 500 copies this time numbered with deadman’s blood. That year my debut album “Black Altar” was recorded and released by German Christhunt Prod in 2004 and, as You know, it crushes everything that was released earlier by Black Altar. On the CD you can watch an exlusive video. After the recording session I’ve sacked the rest of the line-up and from that day Black Altar exists as a solo project. While new recording session I’m going to get help from friends from two very well-known bands. That’s by short Black Altar’s history.
2) When you first put out the demo in 1997 titled "NA UROCZYSKU " what was the reaction from the Polish Metal scene ?
Well, opinions concerning that demo were divided. From marvel to criticism. You can either love or hate „Na uroczysku…”. I was at the very beginning of my musical journey, I could rely only on myself. Even today I’m fond of my demo as it’s still very dark piece of music.
3) Doc of VADER was your engineer on the demo how did you become involved with him ?
I live In the same city as Vader so as a matter of fact we knew each other. Nonetheless, Doc started to work as a sound engineer and Black Altar was the second band he recorded. Doc was responsible for drum tracks on my debut demo. I enjoyed working with him.
4) You are the blood behind BLACK ALTAR it is said you have had trouble finding members with the same musical standards and ideological views. What are your ideological views and how important are they to BLACK ALTAR ?
Ideology is one of the most important aspects for a band like Black Altar, where a person has to a certain viewpoint, has to feel the black metal spirit and has to have very good musical skills. There’s no point in playing with junkies and bloodsuckers of any kind. Black Altar member has to be engaged in the band. As you can see, my requirements are very high. That’s why I had to get rid off every member of Black Altar. Nonetheless, I believe I will find the right people someday.
5) Do you feel to many bands use the so-called Satanic image these days who do not really follow the belief. And is this a problem in the Polish scene ?
Yes, it’s a big problem and not only on the Polish scene. People think that every metal band and especially black metal band has to use crosses, pentagrams and baphomets etc. Everything is ok, but if I see people who do it but who do not have any idea why they do drives me crazy! This is common to most of the bands but I’ve noticed that band with the right attitide stick togather and separate themselves from the shit.
6) In 2002 you released "WRATH OV THE GODS " what are your feelings this record ?
It’s a simple but very good material. It consists of 2 black metal songs, three introes and one very satanic version of Bathory’s “ The Return”. Both, the CD and the 7’’ versions are sold out, but soon it’s going to be released as a split cd slip case with Norvegian Nebular Mystic. This version will be enriched by a couple of bonus songs and it will be released through WarKult Prod from the South America. It’s only weak side is the flat sound, nonetheless it was recorded in a good recording studio.
7) What was the Polish scene like when "WRATH OV THE GODS " came out . And how was the quaility of bands those days ?
“Wrath ov the Gods” was released three years ago so it too short a period of time for any radical changes. I can say that by this time a group of very good black metal bands, whose attitude is extreme and their musical skills are high, has emerged. Apart from Black Altar I can enumerate Thunderbolt, Besatt, Infernal War and Arkona. There are many more young and promising bands, though.
8) Your latest record "BLACK ALTAR " what steps did you want the band take musically when writing this material ?
As I have mentioned before my debut album is a milestone in the development of the band. It’s because a lot to say had all, very talented, musicians making this record more complicated and unprtedictable, giving a totaly new dimension. A professional video is included on the CD. The sound quality of the record if finally what it should be.On the whole, the record is very extreme starting from the music itself, through video, graphics and lyrics. I am very proud of it as it was well received in the underground.
9) Do you write all the lyrics and how important are they to the band ?
Lyrics are a very crucial aspect of Black Altar as togather with music they form a perfect unity.There are five authors, including me. Each has a different viewpoint and style. On the whole all lyrics cover the same subjects like occult life, satanic philosophy and life style. For every true black metal band lyrics should be equal to the music and not only something additional.
10) You have released your music on your own label ODIUM REC when did you decide to start ODIUM and what is the labels current status?
I’ve set up Odium Rex in 1998 so as to release „Na uroczysku..” demo but for the idea of my own label I was thinking for a long time. Long before funding Black Altar I wanted to run my label but lack of money couldn’t allow my dream to come true. By this time Odium Rex has only been releasing merchendise connected solely with Black Altar. Recently, I’v saved some money and I want to release some very good stuff at once. I want that Odium Rex would become a very resilient label that would release a few very good albums a year. Everything would be promoted in magazines and the like. I want Odium Rex to be an elite label with, maybe in future, a cult status...time will tell.
11) Can you tell us about your solo project KRIEGSGOTT ?
Kriegsgott is my solo project where I play raw Black Metal in a totalitarian and war climate. Songs for the debut EP “Legion ov Revange” were composed between 1999-2001. And now I have some time to record them as for the time being Kriegsgott is my primary objective. I think that in three months time it should be recorded. It will be released by Christhunt Prod.
12) What is next for BLACK ALTAR ?
After recording the Kriegsgott EP I’m going to start recording Black Altar’s „Death Fanaticism” Ep as a half of the material is already composed. Next I will record two song for a 7’’split with a good foreign horde. Next I’m going to record the second album of Black Altar and in the meantime I will look for a new line up so as to begin the concert life of my horde.
13) Thanks for your time. Any last words for the RIVOT RAG readers ?
I, also, thank you for your time and interest. If anyone wants to get some more information about Black Altar visit Let the Black Flame burns forever in your hearts. Let’s sacrifice the hearts of your enemies upon the Black Altar! Hail!
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